About Us

Grace Church exists to glorify our Heavenly Father by continually making
more followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Grace Church is:
The primary reason we have gathered is to focus our attention on God. We encourage you to participate with us as we sing, pray and study God’s word.
In today’s confusing world, many people have questions about how to know God and where they will spend eternity. Grace Church is a place where you can connect with people and with God through his son Jesus Christ. Meaningful relationships are a priority at Grace Church. We believe relationships are what life and eternal life are all about.
We’re committed to the strong and clear teaching of the Bible. As we hear and obey, we can experience the joys of spiritual growth. We’re a growing family and would love to include you.
Grace Church Values
Jesus Christ: We are purposefully Christ-focused as opposed to man-focused in our ministry. The question is not what we think of God, but what does He think of us and the way we worship and serve Him. We do not sit in judgment on God, He judges us. Everything flows out of our vision of Christ. A Christ-focused ministry is powerfully man-sensitive and man-effective.
The Bible: As Jesus is the Living Word, the Bible is the Written Word and the foundation of our ministry. We are committed to Biblical exposition and this is the standard for every pastor, church leader, and teacher. We are committed that all our ministries be informed by, and receive their direction from God’s Word.
Humility: The Bible teaches that we are all sinners and in need of a Savior, God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness. This attitude also impacts the way we view each other. It keeps us from thinking too highly of ourselves and leads us to treat each other with love and respect.
Worship: We believe that as worship is responding to all that God is with all that we are. We are committed to honoring God in all of life, as well as in the services of the church, with a variety of expressions that are consistent with His character.
Community: We believe that as Jesus Christ is the Head, the local church is the Body of Christ. We believe that believers should commit to and participate in the “one another” commands of the New Testament, and thus grow in Christ-likeness. We believe that those are typically best expressed in some form of a small group.
Evangelism: We are motivated by the seriousness of the great commission and understand that those who do not know Jesus personally, do not have eternal life. We recognize that God has given us the privilege of sharing this life-changing message, the Gospel, to all who will listen. We believe that we should consistently look for opportunities to share the gospel as individuals and as a church family.
Generosity: We believe that as God is generous, we too are to be generous with every aspect of our lives. The generous sharing of our money, time and talents are the beginning of faithful stewardship.
Obedience: We believe in diligent obedience to God’s clear commands, implied principles and useful examples. We value thoughtful obedience that translates the words of scripture to relevant Christlike behavior in our culture and society. We value encouragement and compassion in assisting one another to live faithfully for Christ. We believe we are to obey Jesus Christ in all situations.

Worship Services every Sunday at 9:00 am & 10:30 am

Nursery and Children’s Church available during the 10:30 am Service