Charis Coffee Cafe

The word charis is the Greek word for “grace” and the Charis Coffee Café is part of our DNA, a further extension of our philosophy of ministry at Grace Church. It’s main purpose is show grace.

Because every gift is from God (James 1:17), we’re so thankful that God created coffee. It’s delicious and gives us the warmth that we want everyone to sense at Grace from our loving heavenly Father and our gracious church family.

Because it’s grace, the coffee is free. Because it’s grace, folk from our Grace family make and donate homemade treats each week.

We want to show grace. That’s why we’re committed to friendship, family and community. We believe that the people are the church. Our building is only a tool, a place for our church to meet. Our goal is for the Charis Café to help us grow deeper in biblical community.

So, let us demonstrate charis to you by pouring you a fresh cup of great coffee and delicious refreshments.