Do you want something life changing? Something that will alter your emotional life, your outlook and even your relationships with others? And most of all it will transform your relationship with God? While we should be thankful that in America we have a holiday, Thanksgiving, where we are encouraged to focus on being thankful…but what about the other 364 days of the year?


Bible verses about praise, thanksgiving, gratitude permeate the Bible. Yet, thankfulness is too often missing in the average person’s life, even those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and should be the most grateful. In this series we will look at gratitude as a perspective, a practice, and a choice that we make in light of God’s choice to love us in Jesus Christ. We desperately need to develop the habit of the attitude of gratitude. It’s life changing. Join us for this eight-week sermon series to discover how to increase the joy in your life by learning to be Thank-FULL!